Setting a pace in the Transportation Ministry

Setting A pace in the Transportation Ministry

By Prince Shamsudeen Adebayo Apelogun

Today, Almighty Allah has granted us an opportunity for a new beginning. A beginning that will see us participate more actively in socio-economic development of our dear nation. A beginning that will bring about a robust partnership with the governments of the day, through the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Transportation. A beginning that will bring about solid collaboration with security network. A beginning that will ensure better standard of living for members of our great association. Indeed, this is a beginning that will revolutionize the motorcycle and tricycle section of the transportation sector in Nigeria.

Your Excellencies, distinguished Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great excitement to have you in attendance at this occasion of the inauguration of a new national leadership for the Amalgamated Commercial Tricycle and Motorcycle Owners, Riders and Repair Association of Nigeria (ACMORAN). Our administration will concentrate on four key agenda, namely: Enhanced Members Welfare, total Rebranding, Infrastructural Development and Partnership with government and Security Agencies. These four keys areas, by our understanding capture every aspect of our interest.

I will not like to bore you with a long speech especially as it relates to our agenda for the next five years. That is the reason I have decided to put my thoughts together in a booklet titled: ACTION PLAN. In the booklet that will be unveiled here today, you will find my plans for the association and the objective of each for the pln.

However, before I end this speech, as our administration formally takes off; may I crave your indulgence to make these appeals: Government at all levels should see us at partners in progress. I admit that the reckless riding of some commercial motorcyclists have over the years, endangered the lives of many innocent people. While I sympathize with those victims and their families, out administration is ready to sanitize the industry. We will partner with all relevant agencies to make sure that in the day ahead our riders will be certified, also riders and commuters will be insured.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. To this extent, I wish to appeal to all our members to come together in one accord. The task ahead is enormous and we can only success if all of us join hands and play our roles in the development of the industry in general and our association in particular. May I, again take advantage of this moment to assure you of my readiness to run all inclusive government.

Finally, I want to specially thank my predecessors for their sacrifices over the years. Ever elective office is tenured and we must move on when our tenure is up but let me assure you that though you are out of office, you will continue to be relevant because we need your wealth of  experience to advance the course of our association. I must also appreciate all our members for entrusting me with the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of our association at this point in time.

INSHA ALLAH, my colleagues on the National Executive Council and I, will do everything humanly possible to justify the confidence that you reposed in us.

For witnessing this event, I want to thank you for being a part of the new beginning for ACOMORAN. God bless you.

God bless ACOMORAN

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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