Satanism in new age religious solution (4)

“God is great my beloved Professor, I am a witness to what your oil can do. I thought it was a joke but today I am a witness. My womb was locked up by a native doctor from my area for not accepting his hand in marriage. He openly told me in 1982 that I will never have my baby even if I get married to Jesus Christ if I fail to settle down with him. My parents became afraid of him and decided to force me to marry him but I refused and continued with my faith in God. I left the village after my school and went to Port-Harcourt to stay with my brothers. While in Port-Harcourt I had a dream where the native doctor made love to me and when I woke up, I noticed that I lost my virginity as blood was all over my body. Sir, nobody believed my story till date but God knows the truth; however, I got married in 1993 and it has been war since then. The evil man has made my life very uncomfortable with spiritual attack that caused me a lot until I read your article and contacted you. I am glad to inform you that after using your oil, something like a lizard came out of my body and thereafter I became pregnant. Today and through your spiritual assistance I was delivered of twin baby after 21 years of marriage. The native doctor died the day I put to bed…God has done it for me and may his name be praised. Mrs. Obayomi Email

I lost everything i worked for as a result of constant attack from my uncle. He was out to kill me in order to claim my father’s properties. He made me run mad for three years, in fact my life was completely gone until my friend contacted you and you assisted us with four bottles of your oil which was applied on me and i became completely freed. Today, all that he wished me have come upon him and his children. I am back to my business and doing well too; i can’t thank you enough. May God be with you…” Anonymous 

The above story is exactly what I am talking about. How could someone who claims to be a man of God spit into someone else’s mouth to solve his problem after collecting his smart phone? We are presently living in a very crucial time though the delusion is not new because we are already in the last days where many are involved in one form of magical cum superstitious exercises in order to be healed or helped in one way or the other.

Yes, in these times of uncertainty and unrest-in an era of materialism when even the church has grown skeptical of the validity of supernatural for today, many are turning to the delusions of spiritism and spiritualism. Occultism and the black arts in general are experiencing phenomenal revival of interest, influencing more people today than ever. One leading university in America because of the great interest in the occult, few years ago offered among its courses of study one entitled, “Witch-craft, Magic and Sorcery”.

Is it so amazing today that our various earthly Churches are so organized that the owner of the Church-Christ is technically organized out of them all? This however has given rise to demonism in the material world. 

In some demonic organizations of today that are seen as Christian churches they make use of occult materials to advance wickedness in the name of God. Palmistry is also practiced in the name of God. False prophets are arising who give accurate predictions concerning historical events thereby deceiving many. Today, we have many prophets that can see clearly with the help of satanic powers but cannot solve any problem.

It is amazing that some prophets could call one’s telephone numbers correctly, give details of one’s history, some go to the extent of mentioning account numbers and telling you how much  that is in the account. All these are done to make you trust and believe them. Seducing spirits speaking through false prophets and teachers are leading many astray.

Psychics and occultist who claim their gift is from God are deluding many including some professing Christians and ministers of God, top religious leaders who naively accept everything supernatural as divine, oblivious of the fact that Satan also can perform great signs and wonders have enslaved themselves.

The Bible is very clear in all these because Christ during his time met with many false teachers too. Even after his ascension the Apostles met with many false teachers, masters, gurus and fake Apostles too. But it is a natural law in the realm of the spirit and in the physical world as well that the strong must overcome the weak, the divine has always prevailed against the wicked forces of darkness.

There are people you may encounter in life without knowing that they are endowed with satanic powers to handle many cases.  You may pass them and may ordinarily regard them as mere human beings without knowing that such people are ‘demons’ among men. There could be nothing in them to indicate their ability to harm or to ‘cure’ within the realms of the spirit world. This is so because they may not adore the garb of traditional healer.

There are so many witch doctors whose spiritual powers and modus appears to have transcended ‘time and space’. Some of them are ‘wonderful kids’ in the art of magical healing. Some of them, their youthful look belies their magical supernatural powers. Many of them have done a lot of ‘psychic marvels’ that have given them great recognition in our society and in the realm of darkness.

I am aware of some activities going on in the world of man today. So many traditional doctors, witch doctors, occultists, and cultists are today operating their demonic healing homes, centers and sanctums as Christian churches. They are interested in initiating people into the black art by their false ways of solving their problems. There is a witch doctor that I know in the past that is now in the ministry without repentance or ultimate encounter with the lord of the universe. Thus he is in the ministry for two reasons, to get himself enriched with material things and to initiate people by giving them marks of destruction upon receiving any so called solution from him.

He is about the only person who heals all sorts of ailments with magic hat. I wish to inform you here that the devil has almost retired from making use of native and witch doctors what he does now is using those evil workers and centers, transforming them to appear as Christian churches. When you associate with such, you automatically become contaminated. This is happening from time to time. Agents of darkness are busy adoring themselves with garments of true men of God. For the fact you are putting on clerical attire does not mean you are divinely chosen by God. The same does not justify that you are a man of God.

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