Edward Onouja Vs Koi Elders

Edward Onoja VS Kogi Elders

By Marijata Anaja

Wada failed us and we sent him out. Bello jas failed and he is going out. Those opportuned in position of governance cannot point out any meaningful achievement.

Edward Onoja only saying the truth but without manners and respect for elders even though he drove Bello to pit he has written his name with a a golden pen in Kogi Politics, he constructed roads, bole wholes, mosques, schools in Ogugu as a chief of staff. The LCDA town hall inAnyigba, we are naming these as an achievement because it has never happened in Kogi east. we have gotten senators, state ministers, Governors without construction of a kilometer road.

In Bello administration, Dekina were the dominant of his appointees and elected offices, what good have they brought to our land except thugry, kidnapping, assassination and disrespect for elders. Power drunk          us know where we should be mindful of how we use power when we are opportuned.

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