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It is with utmost gratitude to the Almighty God and a deep sense of fulfillment that I stand before this august assembly to present my address to mark the inauguration of the ultramodern Igala unity house complex.

With all deference to the power and will of the Almighty God, I wish to announce today that the Igala unity house in its modernized expanded form is now a reality.

With this house in place at the intersection of Igala kingdom’s interaction grid, there is now a base for centralized interchange of functions and discussions on the issues affecting our race and Igala land.

I make bold to say that our late revered leader of the kingdom, Gabaidu Obaje Ocheje who in 1929, originated the policy of designating an equidistant location for the establishment of a unity Forum House, should by now be hosting a festive gathering in the netherworld to celebrate the crystallization of his ideas into a glorious reality.

I want to believe that their point of celebration may not be far from where we are right now to give backing to the cause of the land we have gathered here for today.

Your Excellency, your Royal Eminence, our Royal majesties, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and gentlemen, the story of Igala unity house is told in reconstruction with a good ending which says a lot about the goodwill that the Igala people enjoy across Nigeria.

Let me this point. On behalf of the Executive committee of Igala cultural and development Association (ICDA), express profound gratitude to the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello for the exceptional interest he showed in the Igala unity house project which culminated in the deployment of enormous financial resources to fund the construction.

I say it without equivocation that the story we now have to tell about an ultramodern Igala house could have gone awry without his Excellency’s commitment and unusual benevolence. Your Excellency, the spirits of our departed fathers of Igala land greet you.

I also wish to thank the chief of staff to the Governor of Kogi state, Chief Edward Onoja for the pivotal roles he played to ensure the completion of the project on schedule. We acknowledge his pestering calls to those who pledged donations to the project and appreciate his insistent spirit which gave definition to the entire complexion of the project.

Our thanks will continue to go to all sons and daughters of Kogi state whose generous monetary contributions to the building of Igala house assisted tremendously in making it a reality. I will hesitate to mention names here since the list is endless and each of the contributors gave from the basic principle of commitment to the development of Igala land. God will reward your sacrifice for the land.

Our most profound gratitude goes to His Eminence, Gabaidu Dr. Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni ii, Atah Igala and president Kogi state

Council of chiefs, for the royal support he extended to the project. He committed his time and financial resources to the project and never ceased supplicating for its completion. Gabaidu, your subjects have spoken well about the good nurture the land’s royal fatherhood has imparted into them. May they never deviate from the path of patriotism in their struggle to make a case for their existence. Ga-a-a-b-a-a-i-d-u! Oji we ki gbo kakalaaa!

Before I conclude this address, I wish to thank the previous Executive committees of ICDA for sustaining the association and upholding its objectives. We appreciate your efforts at rallying the land to development and unity consensus which have helped to instill stability in the land.

The current leadership of ICDA worked from this foundation to institute reforms that focus in speed and opening up the space for the integration of our people’s ventures into modern practice standard.

We have recorded some measure of success in this dimension and will continue to put in more efforts to ensure that our goals for the development of Igala land are achieved.

The Igala unity house will act as a catalyst to the measure we have put in place to foster unity among our people. We shall design a template to give direction to how the House will be utilized for the benefits of Igala people.

Finally, may I presume on the generous heart of His Excellency to put modesty to task and an accessible leader, but we won’t take you for granted your Excellency.

We understand that through your efforts the federal Government has decided to establish two cashew processing factories in Kogi State. And by reason of your commitment to the cause of even and rational development of  Kogi state, you have also caused the two factories to be cited in Kogi East Senatorial District.

I crave the indulgence of the house to request that we all rise and give His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello applause of appreciation.

This is our request: Igala land is currently facing serious security challenges. Kidnaping is developing a life of its own in our rural settlements; Fulani herdsmen have been on the prowl destroying farm crops and killing innocent farmers and raping woman on farm routes, threat of attacks/ invasion by Fulani herdsmen militia, thuggery and many other vices that combine with the aforementioned to make life difficult to live in Igala land today

I have led my council to visit the state commissioner of police in these issues previously to underscore the gravity of our concern. It is on record that your administration has unique template for crime fighting and checkmating security challenges. I wish to appeal to your Excellency to use your good office to intervene in the security challenges in Igala land in an exceptional and speedy way to guarantee the safety of life and properties

I congratulate Igala people and the land on this memorable occasion of the inauguration of Igala unity house and thank the members of the inauguration committee for their commitment to the success of the programme.

Thank you all and may God bless.

I RAMATUABUBAKAR SEDIQ on behalf of my husband and entire family wishes to congratulate Igala land on the occasion of the inauguration of Igala Unity House. My heart rejoices extremely for the transformation of the Unity House into a modern architectural splendor. I saw it all from the time I started offering sanitation services in the premise of the old house to when the construction of its current form began. Igala indeed, has come of age! May the spirit of our ancestors bless Igala sons and daughters for doing our land this unique honour.

I have the singular honour and privilege to acknowledge the good will of Igala, Kogi and Nigerian public expressed in their demonstrable and patriotic contributions to the building of the ultramodern Igala Unity House and its successful inauguration.


Igala Unity House is a prism refracting the lights of unity, togetherness, peace, social cohesion, and progress not just of Igala people, but the entire people of Kogi State. I therefore thank with immeasurable appreciation all those who made this unity project a success.

The Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, tells this story better. We appreciate Your Excellency. Igala land sends its greeting.

My sincere thanks go to ICDA executives for exhibiting modest transparency in the manner they handled the execution of the Unity House project. By this they have demonstrated that they are productive Igala leaders with vision and resourcefulness. I am indeed proud of you all.

Our revered Royal Eminence, Dr. Michael Idakwo Ameoboni II deserve our utmost appreciation for providing the spiritual guidance and fatherly support for the project.

I thank you all for making yourself available to witness the inauguration of Igala Unity House in Anyigba. May God less and lead you back to your various destinations.

Acomoran president felicitate with president muhammad Buhari and 29 governors

Acomoran president felicitate with president muhammad Buhari and 29 governors

Acomoran president felicitate with president muhammad Buhari and 29 governors.Comrade Alh. Samsondeen Adebayo Apelogun the president of amalgamated commercial tricycle & motocycle owners repairs & riders association of Nigeria, he on this day felicitate with prisedent Muhammad Buhari and 29 Governors across the state on their successful inaugurations and handing over ceremony. He prayed that Almighty Allah shall guide, protect and direct them in the right part of good governance. Apelogun pledge that his association shall work with government to sanitize the transportation sector. Long live Nigeria. Long live Acomoran.

Bans of Okada in some Northern States

Acomoran national president react to the bans on okada in some northern states. Comrade Alh. Samsondeen Adebayo Apelogun is the national president of Acomoran. In an interview with him he said his administration would work with the government to provide solutions to our many challenges. He further said he would work with his executives to make sure the riders at the affected states and the commuters will not suffer. His government in collaboration with the government shall make provision for the riders to avoid them dive into crime. The government of president Muhammad Buhari shall provide auternatives for the riders and the commuters. Apelogun  assured the affected riders not to worry that the federal and state government shall provide auternatives and ask Nigerian to be calm. Acomoran is the recognised mother body for okada operation in Nigeria and the highest employees of labor in Nigeria and the Federal government did not denied this. Acomoran thanks Buhari and minister for transportation and other related bodies.

A 36-year-old woman, Stella Gilbert, has been sentenced to death by Ikeja high court

A 36-year-old woman, Stella Gilbert, has been sentenced to death by Ikeja high court on Tuesday, for stabbing her neighbour to death, Mrs Stella Godwin, during a fight at their residence in Ajegunle, Lagos.

She collapsed on hearing the judge read her sentence, amidst tears from her friends, siblings and well-wishers… the law enforcement agents took her, infact, they carried her as she collapsed in the Court room back to the prison waiting for her execution time.

I am very sure, this woman acted on anger, she is terribly regretting her actions by now… but, who will give her a second chance to live? All dreams, vision and aspirations shattered just because of anger that could have been controlled… Just imagine her end on earth!! Those of you that have this mindset of lifting weapons for any small misunderstanding, you are just playing with your life…

Avoid anger, anger hot temper, run away from it unless it will destroy you. No decision taken in anger that will not be regretted.


President of the Almagamated Tricyles and Motorcycle Owners, Repairs and Riders Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN), Alhaji Samsideen Apelogun has congratulated Muslim Ummah, for the commencement of the year 2019 Ramadan.

While congratulating all Muslims faithfuls for witnessing another fasting period, Apelogun called on his members across the country, to use the holy period to pray to Almighty Allah for the peace and progress of ACOMORAN and the Nation.

He said, as one of the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan provides another opporrunity for genuine love towards one another, urging his members to sustain the goal of the association, which is to drive safely at all time and put other road users into consideration.

Apelogun appreciated President Muhammadu Buhari and Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, on infrastructural development and their unfliching support towards his members, noting that the present administration has provided the association an enabling environment to operate.

The President called for the cooperation of the goos people of Nigeria to foster peace and tranquility, saying they should report any recknessness on the part of his members.

Edward Onouja Vs Koi Elders

Edward Onoja VS Kogi Elders

By Marijata Anaja

Wada failed us and we sent him out. Bello jas failed and he is going out. Those opportuned in position of governance cannot point out any meaningful achievement.

Edward Onoja only saying the truth but without manners and respect for elders even though he drove Bello to pit he has written his name with a a golden pen in Kogi Politics, he constructed roads, bole wholes, mosques, schools in Ogugu as a chief of staff. The LCDA town hall inAnyigba, we are naming these as an achievement because it has never happened in Kogi east. we have gotten senators, state ministers, Governors without construction of a kilometer road.

In Bello administration, Dekina were the dominant of his appointees and elected offices, what good have they brought to our land except thugry, kidnapping, assassination and disrespect for elders. Power drunk          us know where we should be mindful of how we use power when we are opportuned.

Yahaya Bello: Presiding Over a Confluence of Absurdities in Kogi

Yahaya Bello: Presiding Over a Confluence of Absurdities in Kogi

By George Oyedepo

Stripped of their collective pride, it appears that most indigenes of Kogi are waiting for the legitimate opportunity to use their vote to oust Bello. Therefore, the groundswell for the removal of Bello from Lugard House, the official residence of the governor, may have started with the insistence by interested parties in Kogi APC that Bello must be defeated at the governorship primary.

Recently, former Kogi State Governor Ibrahim Idris ruffled the feathers of key persons in the current leadership of the State when he boldly stated that life in the state has become a miserable experience.

To a good number of indigenes and friends of the State, Idris was stating the obvious. It is difficult to be mute to how Kogi exists. The sordid stories coming out of the State since Mr. Yahaya Bello became governor has increased the pain of the people.

The Confluence State, as Kogi is proudly referred to by indigenes and residents, has become a Confluence of Absurdities. Arguably, Bello is top on the list of governors swimming in a sea of unanimous disgust and disdain. Perhaps, this is the only meaningful convergence of opinion. And, on one thing, there is overwhelming agreement: that Bello whose emergence as governor was dramatic and incidental, must be shown the exit. If ever, there were developmental gains credited to his predecessors, he has since reversed them all and driven the quality of governance many rungs down the ladder.

Although Bello’s All Progressives Congress (APC) won the majority of seats in the State House of Assembly election, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had a good showing in the National Assembly elections, indicating that the impending governorship election in the State is open for a tough duel. Increasing pointers show that stakeholders in Kogi APC do not favour Bello flying the party’s gubernatorial flag. They are convinced that with his dismal performance, presenting him as the party’s governorship candidate is akin to entering a no-contest and giving the position away to the opposing party, the PDP. The State Assembly election, which possibly indicates the wishes of the people may have favoured the APC, but it does not provide any sort of comfort to Bello.

It may be strongly argued that governance has taken a leave from Kogi since Bello entered the saddle. Like many Nigerian states, government is the largest employer of labour in Kogi, and Bello committed his first and enduring blunder when he embarked on a screening exercise, ostensibly to fish out ghost workers and save funds for the State. On the surface, the intention was good, but till today, it is doubtful if the state government knows the exact number of its employees. Different figures have been bandied between the various workers union and the executive arm of government. The most visible and painful result of the head count of workers in Kogi is the unwarranted delay in the payment of salaries and other statutory monetary entitlements for upwards of several months.

Every aspect of government owned labour has been at daggers drawn with the executive arm of government, leaving the running of several MDAs in Kogi prostrate. But Bello has recently been in the news, claiming he only owes Kogi workers four months salary.

Stripped of their collective pride, it appears that most indigenes of Kogi are waiting for the legitimate opportunity to use their vote to oust Bello. Therefore, the groundswell for the removal of Bello from Lugard House, the official residence of the governor, may have started with the insistence by interested parties in Kogi APC that Bello must be defeated at the governorship primary.

As things stand today, the most important confluence in Kogi now is not a natural phenomenon like two rivers, but the confluence of a low bar. The mixture and confluence of mediocrity and incompetence in governance.

Buffeted on all sides by stringent criticisms, Bello has resorted to strong arm tactics. He frequently uses instruments of state to coerce the hapless populace.

His new modus operandi is to abuse or mudsling anyone considered a possible replacement for their mediocrity. Everyone that is mentioned as a possible replacement becomes marked as an enemy who has never done anything good.

Recently, he went after a retiring director general, claiming he charged people to offer employment because that one expressed interest in running for the governorship. Another time, some publication mentioned another DG as a possible consideration and his reaction was to start looking all over the place for election results of the fellow, hopefully to prove that since he didn’t win his polling unit or ward in the just concluded national elections, then he is of no political value.

The story is that the DG whose polling unit in Egbe’s results he is seeking, is disappointing to him. He won the presidential elections in his unit for APC, delivered the APC House of Representatives by a wide margin, and lost the senatorial to PDP by one single vote. This result is one of the best in Kogi West outside Koto and some parts of Lokoja.

The state government’s handpicked and rigged candidates for the House of Representatives and Smart Adeyemi, their senate candidate, could not deliver themselves in their homes, and this his new found foe did.

A comprehensive analysis of the state appointees and the government’s candidates in the election shows that the speaker, commissioners and advisers and assistants all failed woefully and could not sell their boss or the administration they serve in almost all polling units and wards of their homes.

The governor deceives himself by claiming that he delivered Kogi Central to the president. The truth is that Kogi Central has always voted with and stayed with the president in every election before now. Natasha Akpoti is said to have won the Kogi Central elections and prayerfully will have her stolen mandate restored.

In the East, where few individuals and the Audu political family worked for APC, the results are out and good, but in Olamaboro where Onoja comes from, the elections were marred by violence, ballot boxes snatching, gun shots and intimidation.

Bello’s government harassed a senator to be marooned on a hospital bed so that a recall against the senator will take him out, while he was incapacitated. Unfortunately, it is alleged that he wasted the salaries of workers on the failed recall. When elections came, Bello harassed him again, kept him out of the State, prevented him from campaigning, and even tried to stop him from entering the State to cast his vote but they still lost the election to the senator. A governor who cannot secure a recall in absentia or win an election against a candidate in absentia is an apparent political lightweight, and socially irrelevant person who is not fit to come back as governor.

Yet, the governor and his men believe they have earned a second term ticket and superiorly acquitted themselves because they delivered the state to President Buhari in the 2019 general elections.

One of Bello’s closest aides, who is often blamed for the abysmal performance of the governor is Edward Onoja, whose role as chief of staff is supposed to be to administer the affairs of the governor, his calendar, appointments, correspondence, domestic issues and generally ensure he works efficiently. Instead, he is pointed out as having become rambunctious, making no sense of but pretending to run a government.

Onoja and the governor have been accused of preventing state political appointees of a certain extraction from their duty posts in the government house, because their areas didn’t deliver victorious elections to the president, but even worse, that they failed to stop a senatorial candidate who had become their Achilles heel, Dino Melaye, a fellow rambunctious, even if more sensible fellow, but an opposition figure and rabble rouser.

Bello and Onoja had rehabilitated and propped up Smart Adeyemi in the hope and plan that he would defeat Melaye, but their prayers were unanswered; in what is really one of the most unexpected resounding and all-round trumping of the 2019 elections.

The victory of Melaye, instead of being perceived as what it is as a rejection of Smart Adeyemi and Yahaya Bello, because of his failures in governance, is now blamed on political appointees. It appears that they were supposed to rig the elections, parade thugs with guns, suppress those who won’t vote for Bello’s choice, intimidate everyone, introduce violence, snatch ballot boxes, disrupt collation, rewrite results, compromise electoral officers, and where they feel violence won’t work or no opportunity, use the money they were paid to buy the votes of the electorate. It seems they were supposed to use their hard earned (largely unpaid though) salaries to buy the only thing the electorate was worth, the only thing of value they see in people – their votes. They didn’t try to buy the votes of the people by paying them their salaries just before elections, from the monies already provided by the same President Buhari for that purpose, instead they are alleged to have perfected the dehumanising handout of N500, N1000 or N2000 per voter to either induce them to vote, or reward them for voting.

And when they lost both the election and their faces, it was time to punish political appointees for their own loss and failure. Many of the appointees equally deserve this disgrace for shielding and not speaking up when it was important, and even praise-singing and defending the inhuman and the impossible.

At 43 years, Bello is the youngest governor in Nigeria, but his reign of infamy has only brought disgrace to the much touted inclusion of the youth in governance. In more ways than one, Bello is a man of history. The period leading to his emergence as governor appeared to have been enmeshed in a constitutional logjam, as the APC’s governorship candidate, Abubakar Audu, who was poised to win in the election died before that governorship election was concluded. Bello was picked by the APC to replace him. Mr. James Faleke, who was Audu’s running mate, objected to the party’s decision and approached the election tribunal in the State asking it to declare him as governor-elect. But the party had persuaded Faleke to retain his running mate position, which he turned down. Thus Yahaya Bello made unusual history as he was sworn in without a deputy. It was the first time in Nigeria’s political history that an elected governor would be inaugurated without a deputy.

Bello has since doused the flame of the prevailing sentiment and squandered the huge political capital he did not earn, but which was given to him freely by death. Through his immature, inexperienced, callous and arrogant mannerisms, Bello has taken Kogi to the abyss of misrule that no one could have imagined.

Kogi is a confluence of absurdities that presents irrational scenarios. It is a sad commentary to note that Kogi boasts of such eminent personalities as the late Prof Pius Adesanmi, the Babatunde Irukeras of this world, Suleiman Baba Ali, Jibrin Isah Echocho, Victor Adoji, Natasha Akpoti, the current Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Late Arc. Olorunfemi; the political sages Sunday Awoniyi and Silas Daniyan and countless others. Today, there is a big move that is eager to remove the serious affliction that the reign of Yahaya Bello has brought on Kogi